Friday, June 21, 2013

Eye Candy

Really diggin' this style lately. The colors and the metallic effects are so intriguing.

Need. These. Shoes. ASAP. !!!! 
If only I had money...

I'm too sure why but I just find this photo quite beautiful. I love how his skin looks so perfect, and the contrast of his white shirt with his skin tone. The floral decals give the photo a sense of innocence and angelic feeling. 

Oh Phoebe why are you so beautiful. I love her makeup and just how flawless and simple she looks. 

My motivation for a toned stomach urghhh

The queen herself, the one and only Riri. She is just perfection, no matter what she wears or what she does. 

When I first came across this style I thought it was a little weird, but it grew on me. I find it different and very appealing to the eye. 

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